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Mr Magnitude

A must-have for any serious business minded individual. Simplifies the bureaucracy of doing business on your phone.

App Review 2


Working in real estate, the app makes it so much easier to share contact information, and our website. And I love that you can also add images as well. Highly recommend!

App Review 3


This is a clever little app. It does one thing but does it well. It’s a good time saver when you need to send a text with your business card info or other such message. Just tap and text and off it goes. I like that you can include an image as well such as your business logo.

App Review 4


Sometimes, an app comes along that fills a need you didn’t know you had yet. RocketBiz is that app. While on the run, being able to send a message you previously crafted is more helpful than you’d think. This app has saved me time and helped be more responsive.

App Review 5


This app is so useful! It’s makes texting so fast and easy. Thanks for developing! Would recommend it to everyone!!

Sample Uses

Every new deal starts with a contact

You are in sales, and you are constantly on the go – calling, texting, meeting prospetive customers and closing deals. In many instances, you choose to send your contact info (business signature) to prospective customers via a quick text message. With RocketBiz, you don't need to type your contact info every time! Just create a text message with your contact info once and send to anyone with a single tap right from your iPhone's native Messages app! In addition to the text, you can also send images such as your company logo, product pictures etc.

Every new deal starts with a contact

Sample Uses

Run your business on the go

Escape from the pressure of typing perfect sales pitches, deal summaries, links to online applications, driving directions, etc. while you're on the go. Save them in RocketBiz and send with a single tap to anyone, anywhere, anytime, right from your iPhone's native Messages app! Download today and be more productive with your time!

More ways to use RocketBiz

Sample Uses

Missed call follow-up

When you miss an important business call, you call back right away. If it goes unanswered, you follow that up with a quick text message acknowledging that you've missed the call. With RocketBiz, there's no need to type this message. Just compse a generic message once and send to anyone with a single tap!

You've missed an important call

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